Traveling Through SEO Land


SEO or Search Engine Optimization practice of using keyword rich informational content to rank high in search engines and keep the website relevant. SEO plays a great role in providing many businesses, big and small, much-needed visibility in the current competitive online scenario. Hoteliers often choose to neglect the practice of using SEO because there is a lot of misinformation available on the web that makes this method seem like a way of tricking search engines.

SEO and all the related practices have significantly evolved over the last decade, and Google has taken significant steps to ensure people cannot get away with unethical strategies like stuffing keywords and using black hat practices to gain visibility. If you are a hotel chain owner, the best way to get more exposure would be to hire an seo company that can optimize your site to provide the best possible results regarding visibility.


Need of SEO

In the current scenario where everyone and everything is connected, relying on just a word of mouth promotion is not enough in the hotel industry. The market is extremely volatile, and unless you make use of all the tools of development, the chances are that someone else will get ahead of you in the industry. Cashing in on the SEO will actually help users to locate your hotel and bring you profits in return.

According to statistics published recently, almost 75% of travelers and backpackers use the Internet to search for hotels and make reservations. And most of these travelers do not go beyond the first page of search engine results to find a suitable match. Therefore, your aim must be to get top ranking on a search engine that will increase the number of people visiting your website.

Different ways you can utilize SEO to make your hotel business profitable

1. Develop an SEO friendly website: The first thing that you would want to begin with is by creating a website that is SEO friendly. Such a site will give you an online presence and help the search engines to locate your web page and index them correctly. Your content will appear on the search results page as soon as someone uses a particular keyword to look for a hotel.

2. Posting only quality content: Gone are the days when people used to stuff keywords and post spam content to get higher rankings. Now, Google has released an algorithm that would rank websites based on the helpfulness of the content posted. Therefore, you must post blogs, articles, and other stuff with the intention to genuinely help the readers. This will lead to developing respect and forming a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

3. Utilizing social media: Remember that good SEO practices need not be limited to your website. The influence of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are rising every passing day, and this is why companies are taking to these platforms to connect better with their audience. Social media marketing is happening event as well as one of the best sources to distribute content to the intended audience.

4. Optimize website content: Your hotel website needs to have relevant content that preferably uses Meta title keeping the keyword in mind. A smart seo company, such as the The Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza hotel aimed towards Cincinnati SEO, will research and come up with a list of recommended keywords that will fetch you a high ranking on Google; which means that more people will land up on your website. As you can understand, higher traffic also means a greater chance of individuals paying for the services on offer.

5. Getting quality backlinks: Even though this task is easier said than done, backlinks can prove to be essential tools for boosting business credibility as they help in giving your website better visibility on a search engine. Make use of local directories that are well ranked and provides quality information along with a backlink to your site. You’re all set!



A reputed and skillful SEO company will utilize all of the strategies mentioned above and come up with a plan that will give you maximum visibility to your hotel website. The contents that will benefit from an SEO hospitality plan is your hotel website, landing pages of customers, landing pages of upcoming events, and online consumer deal alerts. So, do not ignore the usefulness of SEO and get started now!